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Hunter Boots & Plaid Scarves

Happy weekend friends! Today I'm sharing a few must-have cold weather {essentials} with you on the blog. Hunter boots are a MUST. Not only are they cute, but they are extremely functional. Rainy weather, snowy weather, you name it... These boots will get you through the cold mess of winter and keep your feet dry and warm. I wear my grey boots both with and without the Hunter boot socks, although for a warm and cozy feel I would add the boot socks to your look. I'm linking up my boots below, along with a few pairs that are currently on sale for only $100 plus free shipping! Add these to your winter must-have list or even your Christmas list! Hunter boots would also make a great gift for a loved one too, just remember that the boots do run true to size {and they do not come in half sizes}. I typically wear a size 8, and the 8 fits me perfect with room to spare. I have also tried on a size 9 before but for me they felt much too big, for reference. PS: this adorable reversible plaid scarf is still in stock at only $26! A total MUST and also free shipping. I'm linking it up here and below, plus a few other chic scarves. Happy shopping and weekend friends!

Hunter Boots: Nordstrom

Hunter Boots SALE: Nordstrom

Hunter SALE: Nordstrom HERE

Hunter Boots: Nordstrom

Hunter Boot Socks: Nordstrom

Hunter Boot Socks SALE: Nordstrom

Reversible Scarf: Nordstrom HERE!

Similar Scarf: ILY Couture

Similar Plaid Scarf: ILY Couture

Plaid Wrap Cape: Nordstrom


-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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