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Remote Learning:: at Home with Mama

Hi friends!

It's been a minute since I've made a blog post. Hello, mom LIFE! Life has been anything but boring lately... Ha! I cannot believe that we are mostly through the month of August. How?!

I shared my heart the other day on a post on Instagram regarding this upcoming school year// school stuffff:: we will be starting remote learning this Monday with our first baby for Kindergarten... My mommy heart is feeling all the things right now, and it felt wonderful to just get the words OUT.

I couldn't believe the amazing feedback, kind words, and encouragement so many of you sweet mama's gave to me through that post. It was truly uplifting! I've held off saying much {if at all, anything} about school because truthfully my mama heart just can't take the constant ups and downs that the world is currently going through. It's just too much at times! I know so many of you can relate, and I'm just here to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your sweet words. This mama needed them more than you'll ever know!

So here we go:: ready or not, Kindergarten {remote learning style} here we come! I don't want to dwell on the things I can't control {aka:: school}, so I'm ready to help my little one as much as possible during this temporary, weird time. I may not be the perfect parent-teacher, but we will figure this out as we go... I'm trying so hard to remind myself to {give myself and our Kindergartner} lots of extra GRACE this semester.

In order to get myself and our little one excited about this special {extra} time we will have together during remote learning, I wanted to create a fun little learning corner for Karsyn. I'm hoping this space sparks some fun and creative excitement within her! I snagged this adorable little dino mug {which I turned into a marler/pencil container} from HomeGoods, as well as this adorable black cart. Anyone else LOVE HomeGoods as much as me?! Ha!

Whether you find yourself in this remote learning season of life {or in-person learning, a hybrid of the two, or homeschooling}... we can all do this! With a little extra grace {and probably some extra coffee} this will be a great school year.

Here's a few links to a few of our favorite school products and supplies... The kiddos love this abacus! If you haven't grabbed some of this Whoa Dough yet, do it! It's so fun for the littles and under $4. Great for travel too.

-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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