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The Kiddos Playroom: Basement Edition with Orian Rugs

Hi friends! I have been meaning to share an update on our basement {most importantly the kiddos playroom} since we started the process of finishing it, but my goodness has time gotten away from me! These last few months of pregnancy mixed with the end of summer/back to school fun has been a whirlwind... but nonetheless, I wanted to share a little bit about the kids' space in our basement. It's not completely finished, but the kids love this cozy corner and I'm loving how it's coming together.

I still have SO much to do when it comes to organizing, hanging pictures, and adding all of the final touches to this space. I have so many ideas for this cozy little space in our basement, but life with littles is busy and a bit chaotic {as we all know}, so this space is coming together slowly, but that's ok! I'd rather take my time and truly figure out just what each area needs, rather than rush and have to change a choice we've made/or bought.

First things first, I've been meaning to share this plush {and amazing} rug by Orian Rugs. They gifted me this rug, and I truly and honestly cannot say enough great things about this piece. I've gotten so many compliments and questions about this rug whenever I share the kids playing on it... It was by far time to share actually a little bit about it! I'm just so happy with the quality and feel.

This rug is not only gorgeous, but so soft and perfect for the kiddos to play on. It has such lush, rich colors that help really bring this playroom to life. I'm also really pleased with the quality of this piece. We've had this rug for several months now and it still looks and feels brand new even with all of the wear and tear from our little ones {during playtime}. Be sure to check out Orian Rugs for more gorgeous and creative finds. I'm loving so many of their pieces right now... Thank you again to Orian Rugs for the beautiful rug!

Let's Talk Toy Storage... I went back and forth debating on how we wanted to store the kiddos toys... Did we want two large storage cabinets on either side of the window? Did we want one long storage cubby to hold all of the things? Well, I finally decided to order two long storage cubbies {and add baskets}... But that's a post for another day. HA. Not to mention, I've got about 5 things that need to be hung on the walls... Real life!

Anyways, I can't wait to share more on this space once it is completely finished {pictures on the wall and storage system in place}, but for now here's a little glimpse into our basement playroom. A lot of my pillows, throw blankets and baskets are from HomeGoods. That place is the best for affordable and adorable decor! Our moroccan light fixture I ordered from Wayfair, and I grabbed the kiddos sweet little craft table from Target {which is currently sold out} but here is very similar option. I'm also loving this adorable table and this one, too!

I'll be sure to update and share more of this space in the next few months as we continue to finish more of it... As for now, we are loving this cozy space for our little ones!

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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