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Summer Bucket List 2019

Hi friends! This week has felt so much like summer, the days have been long and we've played hard outside with the kiddos and I'm just LOVING it. We ventured back to the sweetest strawberry patch again yesterday with family. Our little ones loved it so much last week {when my husband and I took them} that we decided to go back! We had so much fun we had to go twice. What a fun morning we had. Nothing better than picking some sweet berries with family!

Taking the kiddos to pick some berries got me to thinking about our summer "plans". I love being able to take the kiddos on little surprises and adventures here and there throughout the summer, no matter how big or small the venture may be... So I thought it would be fun to share our {summer bucket list} with all of you, just in case you're looking for something new or different to add to your summer routine with your little ones!

I'll try and update this list throughout the summer as I think of a few more fun things for the kiddos.

Summer Bucket List:

1. Go Berry Picking

2. Buy Ice Cream Cones From Small Town Shops

3. Have an Outdoor Picnic

4. Watch a Parade

5. Make a Fire in the Backyard and Roast S'mores

6. Catch Fireflies

7. Stay in a Cabin

8. Go to the Zoo!

9. Run Through the Sprinklers

10. Visit the Farmer's Market

11. Successfully Fly a Kite

12. Visit a New Splash Pad

13. Go to a Drive-In Theater

14. Make Rootbeer Floats

15. Take a Day Trip

I hope all of you have an awesome week ahead of you! Happy Tuesday, sweet friends.

-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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