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Travel Hats: Packable & Functional

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Last week when the kiddos and I made a quick run to Target for milk {and a million other things ended up in our cart}... Opps!

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I found this adorable hat, which also just so happens to be a packable hat. I love the fact that this hat is packable! This is the perfect piece to travel with, you can fold it up and gently pack it away in your luggage or tote.

It's a great piece to travel with!

I LOVE a good hat. Not only is this one adorable and stylish, but it's also an essential for me once warm weather rolls around. I'm all about throwing on a hat to keep my face safe from the sun. This would be a great option to throw on when my little ones and I head to the park, go to the pool, you name it...

Throw this babe on GO!

I also wanted to share with you a few more packable hat options below {along with my flip flops which I snagged in-store}... All of the hats are only $13 and so adorable! If you've got an upcoming trip, be sure to snag yourself one or more!


Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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