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Hello 2 0 1 8!

Hello 2018!

Here's to a new year!

Here's to not just making one resolution...

Here's to enjoying more of the sweet stuff.

Here's to traveling more...

Even when traveling with little ones isn't always easy.

Here's to learning something new, reading more,

and creating a little extra time for myself.

Here's to being easier on myself...

Because we all know that the demand of motherhood, being a wife, being a friend, being a daughter, being a 'fill in the blank'... can be hardddd, and sometimes overwhelming.

Here's to living simply.

Here's to loving my husband, and enjoying the chaos.

Here's to more kitchen dance parties,

and watching our sweet babies grow!

Here's to just being 'more'.

More loving, more understanding, more caring.

Here's to creating more of the sweet stuff!

Here's to 2018!


-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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