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The Original Learning Tower by Little Partners

Hi friends! We were all about the Christmas baking in our home over the weekend... My daughter couldn't get enough of helping bake cookies with her mama and Mimi, especially while using her new Little Partners, Original Learning Tower!

I love this tower!

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My husband easily assembled it over the weekend, and our daughter jumped right at the chance to start using it in our kitchen! How wonderful is this?!

This tower is the perfect learning tool for little ones! It also would make the perfect Christmas gift idea too... I love the fact that this is such a practical, and functional piece. Not only is it fun to use, but it also will grow with my daughter as she gets older. You can easily slide the tower up or down and adjust it to your child's needs. I see lots of baking and helping in the kitchen, or even having some fun craft time while using our Learning Tower!

Be sure to check out Little Partners! They have the perfect pieces and tools for your little ones. The perfect way to continue to bond with your little one, through learning and helping!


-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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