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Happy Halloween! * Candy-Free Goody Buckets for the Littles

Hi friends! Happy Halloween! I absolutely love celebrating the holidays with our little ones, it makes a holiday 10x more fun! I also love creating little baskets for my kiddos for the holidays/ in this case I'm using a pumpkin bucket for both of my little ones. These buckets were from Target, and they are adorable!

I thought I would share a fun and simple idea for the kiddos today, if you're looking to start a new tradition/memory and escape the normal candy route... Don't get me wrong, we love candy and all things sweet! But I'm all about finding other fun options too! I threw these buckets together and only spent a few dollars per each bucket... I found several things from the dollar aisle at Target too. Love that place! I also added Gerber Puffs for my little guy, along with a cute pair of baby winter booties from Gap which I snagged on sale. I added several crafts for my daughter {who is 2 1/2 years old} along with markers, a few fun food pouches} and socks to my daughter's bucket. She LOVED all of it! We painted the pumpkin shortly after she sorted through her bucket of fun!

This is just a fun idea I wanted to share! It doesn't take a ton of effort or money, but the little ones sure do love and appreciate it! I love creating memories and traditions with my kiddos, and this is one of them that I hope to continue for each Halloween and holiday!

Enjoy the day sweet friends!


-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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