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'Babe' Hat & Stripes

Hi friends! I'm so ready for the weekend. Life has been busy lately, but what else is new! I'm such a sucker for a cute hat, I love the fact that you can just throw it on and it's such a simple accessory to add to your look. I wanted to share with you this adorable 'babe' hat I snagged from Nordstrom. This exact hat has already sold out, but I found a few look-alikes {under $15!} that are a MUST.... So if you're having a crazy hair day, then just throw on this adorable 'babe' hat! Or if you have some serious mom hair from using several days worth of dry shampoo, just throw on this cute hat! You get the point, you need this hat! Come shop this babe below, along with my favorite striped tees. Most pieces I'm linking up are under $25 with free shipping, so let's shop!

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-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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