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Hi friends! Today I'm sharing on Thee Girl in Yellow a must-have baby essential of mine, the Deluxe DockATot. I'm so excited to use this with our little one now that he has officially arrived! This co-sleeper is not only stylish, but it's made out of 100% breathable material which is perfect for baby to feel completely safe in, and it's also machine-washable. That's a huge plus as a mommy to a little one!... The Deluxe dock is also perfectly sized to fit babies 0-8 months old, while they also offer a larger DockATot {the Grand} for babies 9-36 months. This dock is multifunctional, allowing our sweet babies to be able to snuggle, cuddle, lounge, and play in! I love the fact that this lounger/co-sleeper allows for easy travel too. This is going to be such a great option for travel when my family vacations! It's a big perk for myself that this dock is lightweight and easy to travel with. I love the portable travel bag that comes along with the DockATot... Since bringing our sweet baby boy home from the hospital this weekend, I've really enjoyed seeing our newborn all nestled up in this cozy dock! It's truly been a great co-sleeper/lounger for our baby. Since It's lightweight and portable, we have been moving this dock from room to room and using it as a lounger for our baby. It's been so easy to use! I'm also sharing more of this DockATot on my IG: @kaseymilner too! Make sure to check out DockATot if you're in the market for a safe and multifunctional lounger for your sweet baby!


-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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