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Simple Style: Chic Tee's & More!

It's Monday {sigh} but I'm ready to conquer today in my new cozy tee! Monday's are always rough. After a fun weekend of no schedules, brunches, extra time with hubby, it's always hard getting back into the week's routine. So today's look is simple for a busy day ahead... I thought I would go ahead and share a few fun, chic, and affordable tees below. I'm a huge fan of cozy options, and I LOVE a great tee. They make for the perfect layering piece in the winter. Just add a chic cardigan, scarf, jacket, or statement necklace, etc. and GO! So simple and easy! I snagged this tee for under $15 at Target. Clearly, this shirt was a must-have: Will Run For Wine. Totally fitting and funny! Today I'm pairing this tee with a basic duster cardigan, leggings, ankle booties, this chic wool hat, and my fave sparkly Kate Spade earrings... Not to mention, the Bachelor starts back up tonight! Come 7pm you can find me sipping on a little vino and chatting with my girls about tonight's new season {guilty, I love reality tv!}... So friends, make sure to check the links below! I'm linking up my fave cardigans and hats as well! I hope you all have a fabulous week back to work!


-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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