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Simple, Every Day Makeup

I've been trying to simplify my makeup bag for awhile now, getting back to the basics when it comes to what I truly wear on my face. I'm all about wearing a few quality makeup options rather than having a bunch of |not so awesome| pieces in my makeup bag... Every day makeup {in my opinion} should be simple and mostly effortless. If I'm spending more than a few minutes on my makeup, then I'm doing something wrong. A clean fresh look is my goal! I've had a few emails asking about my beauty regimen, so I thought I would go ahead and share my every day look. My look consists of a light tinted moisturizer {not pictured, but I usually wear a Neutrogena based moisturizer, around $15 from Target}, a powder bronzer from Clinique, a touch of neutral eyeshadow, & my favorite sheer lip. So simple! I'm sharing these must-haves below, plus a few more of my faves! So if you're in the market to simplify your beauty regimen, make sure to shop the links below. Happy Wednesday friends!

My Look:

Eye shadow palette: Neutrals by MAC

Face bronzer: Sun Kissed by Clinique

Hydrating Lip Care Moisturizer: A Kiss of Smoothness by Nivea

Shop my look below!


-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey


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