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Mirrored Sunnies

Hello new shades! So when your extended family's from Thailand, sometimes they bring you back fabulous things. These mirrored sunglasses being one of them, chic and stylish! I'm slightly obsessed with these babes. They're a major must & a total dupe for a $300+ pair!... I love the fashion and style Thailand has to offer. I, myself have visited Thailand {once} for our honeymoon a few years ago, and loved it! I actually had to buy an extra suitcase so I could bring back all of my Thailand goodies and treasures, ha! My husband's extended family is all from Bangkok, so we were able to travel the area and see so many great local sites and hidden gems. The shopping markets were crazy amazing too, and not to mention the food and people were all so wonderful. It's truly a busy city with a lot of life! Definitely a place to add to your travel wish-list... I'm sharing a few similar style options for these gorgeous sunglasses below! Happy shopping friends!


-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey


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