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Thee Fancy Mini Backpack

I'm known to constantly change up the purse that I carry. My mood changes, therefore so does my purse. That's why I love to have options. I'm all about options when it comes to my bags. I'm like Carrie Bradshaw (I wish!), minus the major shoe obsession, insert obsession for purses...

& since having a baby, I've been trying to figure out what type of 'mom' I am. Am I that mom that carries everything in one big bag? Am I that mom that carries my own purse and also a diaper bag? Or am I that mom that will consolidate all of my girly things and throw them in the beloved diaper bag? Well, apparently I am all of these types of 'mom' depending on the day!

Like I said friends, I like my options, which is why when I find a great deal on a bag I don't hesitate. I snagged this plaid beauty above from Old Navy on sale for under $10. Well obvi, this was a no-brainer. Say hello to my new fun, chic, girl-on-the-go bag. Totally dual purpose, I'm also carrying this mini backpack as a diaper bag. Throw your makeup in this bag or throw your baby's diapers in this bag, it's a real winner... I'm linking up a few similar options below along with a few of my faves, make sure to check them out. Most are on major sale! Happy shopping!

-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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