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Tis the Season!

Today I managed to put up some of our Christmas decor in our home, even with an eight month old baby crawling, climbing, and trying to eat everything in sight. Christmas decorating this year has become a little bit more challenging now that we have a child that is constantly putting everything in her mouth. Somehow we have went from having 'normal' things in our house like cute candles and coffee tables, to now deeming these things as 'dangerous' to have anywhere nearby. HA! But none-the-less, I am determined to have some Christmas-y decor out, possibly everything will be at eye-level, but that's ok. Whatever works! Those of you who have kids and are reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and for those of you that don't have kids, I'm jealous of your ability to use your coffee tables and candles... Back to the fashion, today's look was simple and cozy. I'm a sucker for a great plaid scarf and stripes. It's such a simple and put-together look! I'm wearing my fave Kate Spade necklace and grey wellies too, but a pair of OTK boots or a pair of cute neutral flats would also do the outfit justice. I'm linking up my striped shirt below which is now $8! What a HOT deal! Snag a few before they are gone, and also go up a size. I typically wear a small but this shirt required a medium. I'm also linking up a few of my favorite scarves, cardigans, and boots. Happy shopping and I hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday!

-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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