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Simple Lettuce Wraps

Hi friends! Happy Monday. Life seems a little extra crazy these days, so I love whipping up something yummy in the kitchen to help take my mind off of the world's chaos:: tonight's simple dinner were these easy little lettuce wraps. You guys, these are SO good and so simple! I love that you can pretty much make this however you like:: add whatever toppings, sauces you love!


I used what I already had in our fridge: diced zucchini, mushrooms, and squash.

Hamburger {you could also use ground turkey}

Soy sauce

Sweet chili sauce

Romaine lettuce

Angel hair cabbage

Yellow peppers


Sauté veggies in a pan with olive oil + a sprinkle or two of

garlic salt.

Then brown your hamburger... and add hamburger to your veggie mixture.

I added a little soy sauce + pepper, to taste.

I used romaine lettuce for my lettuce cups, but you can use whatever you like! Butter lettuce or iceberg lettuce.

Layer meat + veggie mixture into your lettuce cups, and then top with peppers, cabbage, and whatever sauces you love. I love this sweet chili sauce from Trader Joe's.


I always try and make extra of this so we can eat on it throughout the week... but that doesn't always happen because it's so tasty and pretty much guilt-free! The kiddos loved this meal, too! I opted out of the lettuce cups for the little ones and made them more of a deconstructed lettuce wrap:: meat and veggie mixture, with a side of applesauce and fruit. They loved it and so did my husband, so that's a win in my book!

-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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