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Hospital Bag Checklist

Hi friends! I'm starting to pack up my hospital bag for the big day, also known as the day we are having our second sweet little baby! Today I wanted to share with you a few of my must-haves, along with a huge checklist for packing for mommy, daddy, and baby! This list includes a few things that I've found to be essential while being in the hospital and having that sweet baby! I still cannot believe that we've hit the 32 week mark of this pregnancy... I think that due to us already having a toddler at home, I'm feeling the need to be extra prepared for our hospital stay, and I'm trying to be as pro-active with getting things put together earlier and not waiting until the last minute... I'll be sharing my go-to checklists below, along with linking up a few of my favorite things! I mean, how adorable is this maternity robe from Pink Blush I'm packing in my bag?! I love it! It's going to be perfect to wear for easy nursing sessions during our hospital stay, or to just lounge around in at home!... Here's to hopefully being somewhat prepared {or as prepared as we can be for when this babe is ready to make his/her arrival}! I hope this guide can help those of you that are soon-to-be mommas too!

Pictured Above: Floral Robe: Pink Blush Maternity, Lotions: Palmer's Cocoa Butter & Bath & Body Works, Oversized Tote: BP at Nordstrom Rack, Rose Gold Makeup/Accessories Bag: Target, Cozy Socks: Target.

For Momma:

A Cozy Robe {here and here}

Oversized Travel Bag {For All of Your Essentials here and here}

Favorite Lotions {Cocoa Butter here}

Makeup Bag {similar one here and here with Toiletries: Lip Balm, Travel Size Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Makeup, Hair Ties, Face Wash...}

Sugar Free Gum/Mints

Super Cozy Clothing! I'd Recommend Dark and Loose Clothing, Along with Stretchy Shirts {PS: Pack Big Undies in Dark Colors}

Flip Flops {for Shower}

If You Plan on Nursing: Maternity/Nursing Bras, Nipple Cream, Breast Pads

Also, Remember to Pack: Phone and Charger

Camera with Charger


For Baby:

Pacifier {optional}

1-2 Burp Cloths

Newborn Hat/Bow

Boppy Pillow {Nursing Pillow}

2-3 Onesies

Car Seat

For Daddy:

1-2 Changes of Clothes

Warm Socks

Toiletries and Bag

Phone and Charger

Clothes to Sleep in

Warm Hoodie



-Thee Girl in Yellow, Kasey

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